YX150cc E-Start Engine, Support Lighting & Battery Charging, Suits All Pitbikes, Thumpsters, Sachs MadAss, Postie Bikes

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YX150cc E-Start Engine

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Support Lighting & Battery Charging, Suits All Pitbikes, Thumpsters, Sachs MadAss, Postie Bikes (Modification may be required)

Installation Guide & User Manual


Model: 60mm x 53mm 1P60FMJ 15HP
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Min. Fuel Consumption (g/Kw.h): 354
Clutch Method: 5 Plate clutch  
Gearshift Method: Constant mesh, 4-speed Gearshift
  4-Speed (N-1-2-3-4)
  1. Oil cooler, lines and mounting bracket
  2. Gear Shifter, Kick Start Lever
  3. Wiring Harness
  4. Start Relay
  5. Rectifier
  6. Manifold

Motovert RX125 (now 150) after 300km

26 November 2012
Have just completed an engine swap from the Motovert RX125's stock Jialing 125cc (6.5-8HP) to the YX 150cc with E-start and light support. Firstly, Modifications required: *Frame had to be heavily modified, the engine, essentially, bolts up, so no mounting point mods were required but it did not fit IN the frame. I took a large knotch out at the top of the crankcase and filled that section of tube with plate steel, I removed significant metal at the rear of the crankcase on the left hand side, and therefore had to plate in a section of the frame to increase strength, and removed minor metal on the right hand side at the rear of the crankcase. All original mounting bolts were used. * The oil cooler mounting bracket had to be welded to the frame. * A custom intake manifold had to be fabricated as the supplied cast aluminium item did not bolt up due to interference with the frame. Due to interference on the engine I opted to place the carburettor (PZ30 Mikuno) out the right hand side of the frame for a neater fit. This required the fuel line to run through the frame for good gravity feed, so a hole was drilled through the plate between the two tubes of the spine of the frame. *Due to interference with the engine cylinder head the front wheel guard had to be trimmed at the rear. *The original wiring harness from the Motovert was used. This required changing the plug from the engine stator harness to suit. THERE IS NO NEUTRAL SWITCH ON YX150 (Green/Red wire on motovert) THERE IS NO POWER SUPPLY TO THE CDI FROM YX150 (Black/Pink wire on Motovert, run an Ignition power wire from the ignition barrel to this Black/Pink wire or you will not get any spark). THERE IS NO KILL SWITCH FACILITY ON YX150 CDI (forget about it or use the old Motovert CDI, should plug straight into either). THERE IS PDF OF RX125 WIRING HARNESS AVAILABLE ON A FORUM ON miniriders.com.au, google Motovert RX125 wiring diagram,thats how I found it. * If you mount the carby out the right hand side you will need a custom exhaust system, due to the mounting system I have to carry my Motovert on the back of my LandCruiser it was going to be a mission so I chose to run the exhaust BUELL style straight under the bash platew and mounted to the bash plate exiting just behind the left hand foot peg. After an insufficient run-in period (100km), due to event, I drained the oil and refilled with 10W-50. I used my bike, Mojo, to participate in a charity Poker Run, travelling approximately 160km along highway in Central Northern Victoria. With a GPS wired in I was able to accurately monitor speed. With a 428, 17T front sprocket and 37T rear sprocket and 3.00-12 tyres I achieved 111km/h on a flat road, no wind with slight slip stream from a fat biker on a Harley. 105km/h was achieved easily with no slip stream (I weigh 115kg and am 5'11

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